training offer covers following aspects:

  • Public tenders with a total value below 14.000 EUR and public finance restrictions;
  • Update of Public Tenders Regulations,
  • ABC of Public Tenders;
  • Workshops for tenderers - how to obtain public contract;
  • How to open tender procedure Workshop  - public tender procedure from tender definition (SIWZ) till contract agreement;


During trainings and workshops our staff put strong pressure on practical aspects taken directly from everyday's experience. Based on our practical knowledge we present examples of typical problems and present most freqently used solutions.


Our aim during the training is always to clarify all concerns and doubts raised during everyday work. We try to make Public Tenders regulations and procedures as easy as they could be in order to simplify Public Tender process for training participants and make our students feeling familiar with that matter.


KDZP reputation is more than very good which is also originated by high performance of provided on continues base trainings. Some examples of references may be found in "references" tab.